Current Activities

To achieve the objectives described in the Statutes, it is essential that prosecutors dealing with environmental criminal matters meet and share experience and best practice in investigations, prosecutions and sanctions in the field of environmental criminal law. Since many of the environmental crimes not only effect one Member State but many, co-operation is needed in the prevention and the prosecution of environmental crimes. Establishing an efficient and productive working network is a key goal for ENPE, and it is recognised that there is a need for capacity building and training. A central pillar of the ENPE Life project is the activity of the ENPE Working Groups (WGs) of which there are four, with each group focussing on a specific area of European Environmental Law enforcement: WG1 - Wildlife; WG2 - Waste; WG3 - Chemicals pollution & WG4 - Sanctioning, Prosecution & Judicial Practice.

Underpinning each of these groups is a database of decisions in environmental criminal cases which has been set up as a key mechanism to ensure ENPE meets its objectives.