Working Group 3 - Air Pollution

The Air Pollution Working Group is an expert group focused on connecting European environmental prosecutors and establishing specialist resources on the prosecution of air pollution crimes.  The group was originally chaired by Lorna Dempsey of the Irish Environmental Protection Agency and from November 2018 by Christos Naintos and Lina Chatziathanasiou. Dr Horst Buther representing our colleagues at IMPEL, joined the group as a specialist member (non-prosecutor) in early 2019.

Air pollution is a triple problem; shortening the lives of humans, damaging natural ecosystems we depend on and changing the world’s climate. 90% of Europeans living in cities are exposed to levels of air pollutants which the WHO deem damaging to health.

Our members are:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Dragana Lipovcic)
  • Bulgaria (Victor Tartchev)
  • Cyprus (Lina Chatziathanasiou)
  • Greece (Christos Naintos)
  • Ireland (Lorna Dempsey, Aisling Kelly)
  • Romania (Teodor Nita)
  • Scotland, UK (Gillian Higgins & Karen Berry)
  • Germany (Dr Horst Buther - Specialist)

Air pollution crimes mainly consist of cases involving breaches of industrial emissions from factories or odour prosecutions. These can be stand alone prosecutions, or may cross over into waste cases, illegal dumping, manufacturing, pollution affecting the food chain or water supply. Air pollution cases have even involved corruption in public office, bribery, fraud, competition law and consumer protection. It is an evolving area of environmental crime and we hope to connect with all of the European prosecutors working in this area or who wish to work in this area, so as to build the network and equip us all.


Key Areas

Industrial Emissions

Odour prosecution

Final Report now available - August 2020

The Final Report for LIFE-ENPE Working Group 3 as been published and is available as a pdf below. The report includes details of all of the groups activities since December 2017 as well as details of all outreach activities including awareness raising and training materials. 

Training materials

The LIFE-ENPE Air pollution Working Group (WG3) has been working hard to develop key training outputs from its work over the last three years. In addition to the workshop in Nicosia last year (29 March 2019), the group has developed a summary presentation focussed on prosecuting air pollution crimes with particular reference to the applicable EU Directives and the scientific techniques and terms used in such cases.

The training presentation is included below for downloading as part of the LIFE-ENPE WG3 outreach activities.


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Shaun Robinson; ENPE Project Manager; ENPE [email protected]

For more details on the Working Group, including recent activities presentations, please see the interim reports below.