2017 EU Environmental Crime Enforcement Conference, Magdalen College, Oxford, UK

ENPE Conferences

The first  ENPE conference was held on 27-28 November 2013 in The Hague. ENPE's second conference was held on 12-13 May 2016 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, which brought together four networks, the Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of EU Environmental Law (IMPEL), The European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment (ENPE), The EU Forum of Judges for the Environment (EUFJE), and a pan-European network of police officers focusing on tackling environmental crime (EnviCrimeNet). Follow this link for more detail: http://complianceconference.eu/

We organised and hosted our most recent conference, on 20 & 21 September 2017, once again together with IMPEL and EnviCrimeNet, at Magdalen College, Oxford - the EU Environmental Crimes Enforcement Networks Conference 2017. 155 delegates attended from across Europe and further afield including China, USA, Canada and Australia with 38 presentations delivered over 2 days of plenary and breakout sessions. An historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the three enforcing networks who were hosting the conference, and witnessed by representatives from EUFJE and the EU Directorate General for Environment. This MoU will commit the enforcement networks to strengthening the chain of compliance in the fight against environmental crime. Please see below for the conference programme (pdf

Please find below a link here to all of the presentations:


ENPE General Meetings

The 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in Utrecht at the same time and at the same venue as the Annual conference. It was pleasing to see so many Members attending. Our next General Meeting was an Extraordinary General Meeting to complete the incorporation of ENPE as an International Non-profit Association (ENPE aisbl) on 14 October 2016. Our 2017 Annual General Meeting was held at the EU Environmental Crimes Enforcement Networks Conference on 20 September 2017 at Magdalen College, Oxford, UK. All ENPE Members and Observers and those attending the AGM will have received copies of the minutes. We have also included the AGM minutes, together with the President's and Vice-Presiden't report for 2017 below (pdfs).

Partner Conferences

Our ENPE Life Project Partners, EUFJE, held their 2017 annual conference in Merton College, Oxford on 22 & 23 September 2017. More details, including the conference programme and presentations, will be available from the EUFJE website: www.eufje.org in due course