Working Group 2 - Waste Crime

A working group exploring the major causes of non-compliance with the Waste Shipment Regulation (1013/2006) and the issues these create for efficient and effective prosecution and adjudication. This includes the practical effects of the amendment to the Waste Shipment Regulation (implemented in May 2014) as seen by prosecutors and judges. The group will operate from 2016-19 and its outputs will comprise:

  • a written report on the barriers and solutions to effectively tackling offences under the Waste Shipment Regulation, in particular the issues prosecutors and judges encounter in practice in interpretation and practical application of that Regulation
  • presentations on the working group’s interim and final findings
  • suite of training materials addressing the matters set out above, and including:
    • training presentations
    • case studies
    • guidance on minimum standards and best practice
    • a database of European waste crime cases


This Working Group comprises 6 specialist prosecutors from 6 different countries and meets around 3 times per year, including at the annual conference:

Mr Rob de Rijck (Netherlands) - Chair

Kristina Persson (Sweden)

Antonio Vercher (Spain)

Leonora Mullett (Ireland)

Howard McCann (England, UK)

Marc Van Cauteren (Belgium)


Recent activity - Working Group 2 contribution to the Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the Waste Shipment Regulation

The Working Group, under the direction of its Chair Mr Rob de Rijck, and with full contribution from all of its members, recently provided a collated ENPE contribution to the recent EU Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the Waste Shipment Regulations. The multi-national composition of the group, together with its unique specialism, facilitated a comprehensive and truly pan-European response which we look forward to hearing more about in due course. The contribution is available as a pdf below. 


LIFE-ENPE Working Group 2 Interim reports (First Stage, 2017 and Second Stage 2018)

For more details on this Working Group, including activities from 2017 including presentation delivered at the 2017 annual conference in Oxford, and 2018 including the WSR consultation, please see the interim reports below.