Working Group 1- Wildlife crime

A working group exploring the major issues of interpretation, practical application, evidence gathering and quantification of damage to the environment that hinder efficient and effective prosecution and adjudication of non-compliance with EU wildlife laws.

Focussing on:

  • the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC)
  • the Birds Directive (2009/147/EC)
  • CITES Regulations (EC/338/97, EC/792/2012 and EC/865/2006)

The working group will operate from 2016-19 and will produce:

  • a written report on the barriers and solutions to effectively tackling wildlife offences (eg under the Habitats Directive, Birds Directive or CITES Regulations), in particular the issues prosecutors and judges encounter in practice in interpretation, practical application, evidence gathering and damage quantification
  • presentations on the working group’s interim and final findings concerning the matters set out above
  • suite of training materials addressing the matters set out above, and including:
    • training presentations
    • case studies
    • guidance on minimum standards and best practice

Requesting information of:

  • Best practices in in the practical work of prosecutors when dealing with wildlife crimes
  • Sentencing guidelines regarding wildlife crimes
  • Requests for training in any area relating to wildlife crimes
  • Cases for the database.The case itself in Word or PDF, an english summary of the specific case and information on what prosecutor to contact for further information

Please send it to the email address at the bottom of the site or use the form in Contact Us

NEW - ENPE Wildlife Group & UNEP CMS Workshop on the illegal taking and trade in migratory birds; Segovia, Spain 09-11 May 2018

The Wildlife Working group are joining forces with the United Nations Envoironment Programme Convention on Migratory Species, and holding a  two day workshop for prosecutors and inspectors on tackling the illegal taking and trade in migratory birds. the focus of the workshop is the Mediterranean region, and prosecutors and inspectors from countreis in this area of Europe are encouraged to attend. 

The link below provides more information:


For more details on the Working Group and recent activities, including the presentation provided by the group to the annual conference in Oxford 2017, please see the interim report below.